Smart Mini Automatic Digital Multimeter (CAT-III 600V)

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The CAT-III 600V Peakmeter Smart Pocket-Size Auto DMM is a fully automatic digital multimeter. It has stable performance, high precision, and low power consumption. Safe and reliable, it's an ideal measuring instrument. It can measure DC voltage, AC voltage, resistance and connectivity, and non-contact voltage detection function.

PM8231 is a three-and-one-half full automatic portable multi-meter. When the power is turned on, it can be directly measured, so as to avoid the possibility of damage caused by the complexity of the stylus and the error of shifting gears. It also has the function of voltage and resistance measurement and judging the condition of wire continuity, the NCV detection function is integrated internally as well. 

Display: 2000 Counts
Rating: CAT III 600V
  • Data Hold
  • NCV Detection
  • Work Light

Model Name: PM8231

Customer Reviews

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GREAT METER, Love the no contact A/C part

I work on boats daily, this tool is very accurate compared to my FLUKE meter, might not be as quick but it does the job I need it to do. Really wish it had detachable leads so I can plug in my DVA to test stators and CDI boxes, but for the cost I’m not complaining at all, I made up a set of alligator clamps to my DVA to use this meter. REALLY LOVE the no contact A/C part of meter, helps me trace wires while crawling around in the bilge with the ability to use one hand to check voltages on wires. As for the light it’s pretty much useless but other then that another key feature is the auto off, so many times I have left my meters on and go to grab it and they are dead. We will see how it can handle the salt environment but so far so good!!!!!!!!