EASY INTAKE™ by Redline Detection

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Redline Detection has a patented technology to help professional technicians save valuable diagnostic time, find more repairs on each vehicle, and diagnose customer problems more accurately: It's called "Easy INTAKE™".

Easy INTAKE is an inflatable block off bladder with a pressurized vapor pass-through that allows technicians to test an entire intake or exhaust system quickly and easily. Easy INTAKE can be used with any brand of smoke machine or diagnostic leak detector to block-off the system with its inflatable bladder and pressurize the system with vapor through the pass-through to accurately locate leaks and find additional repair jobs.

Easy INTAKE’s patented block off bladder conforms to any shape intake/exhaust: square, round, oval, rectangular, and even severely angled and hard to reach intake/exhaust systems, while allowing vapor to pass through for fast diagnostics.

Compatible with any smoke machine, Easy INTAKE fits 100% of automobiles and light duty trucks to quickly leak test the integrity of the entire induction system with one simple procedure.

Model Name: 95-0082B