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The CT210 Digital Battery Analyzer can be used for all auto lead-acid starter batteries, including regular flooded, EFB, AGM tablet battery, AGM winding battery, GEL battery, etc. The tests range include SOH, SOC, CCA Value, IR, Starting & Charging system with a range of CCA100-2000, 30-200Ah. The Voltage measurement range is 7-16VDC. The CT210 is suitable for auto garages, auto battery manufacturers, mobile repairs, educational institutions, DIY enthusiasts, etc.

Model Name: CT210

Customer Reviews

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Sarah Lister

Definitely a high quality proxy and is handy when I’m on the go . Being a mobile technician is difficult at times so it’s always good to have things you can rely on.. I would definitely say it is worth every penny if not more.

Kyle E
Very handy tool

I use this battery tester in a professional automotive shop. I test multiple batteries amd charging systems per day, and this tool makes it quick and simple. This battery tester allows me to test all types of batteries found in modern cars, flooded, AGM and spiral AGM. It also makes testing alternator output quick and safe. Over-all id recommend this battery tester to anyone, Diy or professional, its definitely worth the $28.

Joseph Terry
Awesome unit

makes routine checks very simple and fast/efficient. compared results to high end testers and the results have been spot on. Love it