Smoke Pro® Air Complete™ by Redline Detection

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Simply the most technologically advanced smoke machine, Air Complete™ by Redline Detection, comes with its own on-board micro air compressor, eliminating the need for air lines or gas tanks allowing technicians to quickly diagnose, locate, and repair leaks whether the repair job is across the service bay or across town. Included in the kit is the SmokePro Air Complete, a Halogen Inspection Light, an Exhaust Cone Adaptor, a XL Exhaust Cone Adaptor, an EVAP Service Port Adaptor, a Schrader Valve Removal Tool, a Cap Plug Kit, two (2) OEM-Approved Vapor Producing Fluids, an EasyEVAP Universal Filler Neck Connector and an accessory case.

Model Name: 95-0051