Outlet Tester w/ GFCI Test

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The Peakmeter PM6860BG is the Professional's Choice Outlet Tester. The easy way to find out if your outlets are safe. The PM6860BG is reliable and easy to use, just plug it in! Compact and Durable - designed to Safety Standard EN61010-1, -2-030, EN61326-1, CAT-III 600V. Clear LEDs indicate a range of wiring conditions including: Correct; Missing Earth; Live Earth Reverse; Live / Neutral Reverse; Missing Neutral.


  • The CAT-III 600V rated 110V outlet tester is a DIY socket tester which automatically detects whether the outlet’s wire connection is correct or not.
  • Small size and lightweight, does not take up much space, but can always guard your electricity safety.
  • With the GFCI test button, better to protect your safety against the risk of electric shock.
  • It has a large easy to read fault chart, providing a clear indication that you can quickly understand and use it.

Voltage: 90-120V
Frequency: 50-60Hz

Model Name: PM6860BG