Modular Screwdriver Organizers by Toolbox Widget

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Organize a screwdriver drawer in minutes, inventory check in seconds. Simple and effective toolbox organization done right!

✔️  Modular, you can connect, add, remove, or re-arrange as many screwdriver organizers together as you need.  Each kit holds 8 screwdrivers (or some ratchets, extensions, picks, punches, chisels, etc.), but you can connect and add more as needed.  Connect 1 or 100 screwdriver holders together at any time. 

✔️ Strong magnets on the bottom hold the widgets securely in place to your toolbox drawer. They even work with thin drawer liners. Slam your drawer and they still stay in place.

✔️  Orange missing tool indicator stripe makes tool accountability fast and easy. It’s simple if you see any orange, then you have a missing or lost hand tool. If all your tools are in the proper slot, then you will see no orange.

✔️  Lifetime Warranty

✔️  Universal connections allow the widgets to connect to any of the other ToolBox Widget products. Wrench organizer to Screwdriver organizer in the same run, no problem.

✔️  Non-Permanent solution, you can re-arrange, add or remove screwdriver organizers any time you want. 

    Model Name: TBW-SK8